Some Current Sources of Inspiration 


I'm probably going to be buzzing about this for months to come, but the electricity I felt when I watched Rachel Chavkin (the ONLY woman to direct a musical on Broadway in the 2018-2019 season) accept the Tony Award for Best Musical was unlike anything I had felt in a long time. I felt as triumphant as if it were my own success. Which in some ways, as a woman who is an aspiring director, I suppose it was. I hope that our industry will continue to broaden its imagination, and that this is the first of many wins for women in theatre.

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Rachel Chavkin's Speech at the 2019 Tony Awards

In this podcast, two creative geniuses (Peter Shepherd and Jen Waldman) come together to "explore the art and science of being human from every possible angle". Each episode is filled with thought-provoking and motivating discussion. The way these two amazing people generously share their gifts with the world is nothing short of inspirational.

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The Long and The Short Of It


This new musical was so incredibly powerful and moving. There were moments that I felt and understood so deeply, and moments that opened my eyes to experiences different than my own in a way I don't think I've ever experienced before. 

This show made me inspired and excited for the future of theatre. 

The cast was incredible. The audience was more engaged than any audience I've ever seen. The storytelling was clear, unapologetic, and profoundly moving. 

I hope it has another life some time soon.

A Strange Loop
at Playwrights Horizons


Perhaps a bit of a wildcard choice for my inspiration page, but it's my inspiration page, so I'll do what I want. 

I have always loved Céline Dion. Her voice is objectively amazing, but I am much more enthralled with her sense of humor, her compassion, and her next-level love for what she does. There is truly no one else like her, and I'm confident there never will be.
If you have any doubts, click the image below and get ready to go on a unique and amazing journey with the one, the only Céline Dion.

Céline Dion's Episode of Carpool Karaoke