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Coaching and facilitation to make your ideas your reality


Doing it Also Workshop
If you can do anything else, do it also!

If you're an artist who is ready to say goodbye to your survival job and seek a parallel career path that will align with your purpose, utilize your unique skills and contributions, and sustain you financially, then Doing It Also is for you!


Next session is Thursdays from March 25- April 29 at 3-4:15pm ET.

Taught by Lili Torre and Maggie McNeil, this 6 week course consists of 6 classes, all designed to help you start the search for your parallel career. 

Lili fearlessly leads Doing It Also with a grace-filled balance of push and empathy. She fosters a safe space to challenge old ways of thinking and open your eyes to how you are uniquely qualified to do that thing! Through both individual and collaborative efforts, her ideas and exercises are designed to nudge you forward. I left the workshop oozing with inspiration and momentum, and absolutely lit up to be diving into my new venture. If you are an artist searching for a way out of survival mode, Lili is THE girl!

-Kari Lynn Cotone, Creator of Words for Voices


1-on-1 Parallel Career Coaching
For Finding or growing your parallel career

If you’re ready to do the deep work of finding the parallel career that aligns with the magic you have to offer the world, I’m ready to help you get there! 

In one-on-one parallel career coaching, I use tools from the Doing It Also workshop and from my experience as a coach to help you dig deep and shine a light on what parallel career might be right for you!

Lili is one the most insightful coaches I know.

I approached Lili with three career paths I was exploring, and through our work together, she helped me devise one fulfilling career that has bits and pieces of my initial ideas. Lili’s greatest strength is her ability to see a path where others may not and then to generously guide you towards clarity. I walked away from our work with tons of tools and the confidence to bring my creativity into everything that I do.

I couldn’t recommend Lili more highly!

-Johann George

Image by CoWomen

Podcast coaching
The world needs more podcasts from brilliant people like you. Period.

In our work together, we’ll get clear on why your podcast matters, what style of podcast best suits your message, the nuts and bolts of recording and editing, and how to get your episodes out into the world. 

Having successfully started a podcast entirely on my own, I’ve been through it all, and I’ve learned all the mistakes. Now I can help you avoid them.
Let’s do this!

When I reached out to Lili, I was very overwhelmed and lost with what to do. Lili helped me by answering my concerns about audio quality, recording set up and editing, and how to be more specific with my questions for my guest by connecting more to my mission. She also helped me prepare for possible future situations that have been essential advice as the podcast started to grow.

-Jennifer Pernia, Host of The Bold Type Podcast


Creativity Coaching
There is infinite creativity within you. Let's unlock it together.

In the theatre world, many artists call business people “muggles.” As in non-magical people in the world of Harry Potter. I’ll admit, I used to call you a muggle, too. That is, until I took Seth Godin’s altMBA, and I was exposed to the deep, real magic that business people have to offer. 

So often we associate creativity with art, but that simply isn’t the case. Creativity is how you do things, not what you do. This could be in your work at your current job, in an entirely new creative venture like a blog or podcast, or even in the way you live your daily life.

Let's share your magic with the world for all to see!

 Working with Lili extends far beyond the exchange of what a transactional, professional relationship is. 
I can not recommend Lili enough to help you find direction and clarity amidst any moment that may be causing you clouded judgement.

She is a passionate, yet honest, voice of reason amidst a world of entitled opinions.

-Shane Tierney

Q&A Seminar

Additional Workshops
Let's collaborate on something just for you!

Need something specific for your team or students? Reach out!

I've created a variety of workshops specifically tailored to the needs of the organization I'm working with. All of my work centers around helping people zero in on what makes them unique so that they can shine their light with pride.

We can adapt something I've done in the past, or we can work together to create something perfectly suited for you and your community. 

Lili leads with integrity, innovation, and creativity!
I absolutely loved having her be a Guest Creative for my Creationship Program. She was incredibly intentional in constructing content that supported the Why of the program. With that in mind, she developed and delivered powerful content that made a significant impact with the whole group. People from the program are still doing what she led in the workshop!

-Cami Glauser, Creator of Creationship

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