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Make It Work

with Sari Weinerman

A performer's guide to making work offstage

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What's Make It Work all about?

In today’s job market, especially mid-pandemic, the workforce at large is tasked with adapting, upskilling, and training to fit the needs of available employment. Actors are no exception.


With current survival jobs like serving and babysitting off the table and onstage work on pause, I want actors to feel empowered to turn their unique experiences and skills into employment in other industries. The skills we already have, matched with training we can obtain make us perfect candidates in the current job market.


I have designed a workshop to educate, empower, and facilitate actors on this journey of identifying what they’re good at, how they can upskill, how to job search, and how to apply for available jobs. 

Join me. Let's Make It Work!

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